We’re looking for (a) TPOC consultant(s)

Phoenix Song Project can offer you a budget of £1000-£2000 which you decide how to spend. This work will need to be completed by the end of June.

We’d like to know how we can better meet the needs of people of colour in trans and nonbinary communities.

It will be up to you how specifically or widely you throw the net; it doesn’t have to only be things we can do better, but might also be useful for other organisations who work creatively in mental health.

We have a few committee members with different skill sets ready to support you, but the reigns will be firmly in your hands.

Please contact us with a rough idea how you might do this consultation – we don’t expect details but would love to get a sense of your style of working. Questions etc are also welcome this way or via social media.



Please contact us by March 6th.

Please do share with relevant networks.

(Image version of ad follows below)

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